Areas of Study

Program Summary

At Carleton, you can structure your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree according to what you want to achieve. You can choose a minor subject to complement your major subject and you can, in certain cases, pursue a concentration or a specialization — a set of courses directed towards a designated area of expertise. If you are interested in two fields of study, you may be able to pursue them in a combined program. In our BA programs, you are given plenty of opportunity to hone your research, writing and presentation skills — skills that are all highly valued by future employers. Many programs also offer work-study options including Co-op and field placements.

What makes Carleton’s BA programs special? We offer a variety of options that makes our BA ideal for students wishing to expand both their intellectual horizons and their range of potential career paths: : First-year Seminars (FYSMs) get you away from lecture halls and into small classes with fewer than 30 students; and the BA Undeclared option allows you to explore your academic options and find your own path in your first year without having to declare a major.

Students who would like to gain French language skills can add a Minor in French or, in some BA programs, earn the notation “Mention : Français” by completing part of their course requirements in French and by demonstrating a knowledge of the history and culture of French Canada.