Program Summary

Psychologists study the mechanisms that underlie our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. They examine a diverse range of topics, such as how we think and learn, how we interact with others and how we can promote healthy development and wellness. This is accomplished by conducting research so that the knowledge gained can help us to better understand the human mind, enhance well-being and performance, and generate additional research questions.

All of our undergraduate Psychology programs provide opportunities to explore psychology’s major areas within the context of an active and diverse research environment. We offer our students concentrations in Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social/Personality Psychology as well as a stream in Mental Health and Well-Being. Finally, all Carleton students can complete our Certificate in Multidisciplinary Studies in Mental Health and Well-Being.

The insights you gain from studying psychology will serve you throughout your life, in virtually any career.

Psychology is also offered as a Bachelor of Science. While the BA and the BSc require the same psychology courses, the electives for each allow you to focus on the social sciences and humanities (e.g., linguistics, sociology and anthropology) or on the natural sciences (e.g., biology, health sciences and neuroscience).