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Programs / Arts / Art History

Program Details

As an Art History student you will examine visual art produced by artists from around the world, and from antiquity to the present day. In addition to painting and sculpture, you will study architecture, photography, popular visual culture and art institutions. Art History reconstructs the historical milieu of works of art so that you will be better able to understand the cultures that these works reflect. The program also helps students to develop their critical, research and analytical skills: all of which enhance employability in a wide range of job types.

Students in third or fourth year can take advantage of the program’s practicum option, in which they can get real-world experience working in institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Carleton University Art Gallery, and Library and Archives Canada.

Honours, Combined Honours and General programs are available. A minor in Art History is also offered.

What students are saying about Art History

Studying Art History at Carleton University has been a great experience. Although the first-year class seems a bit intimidating on the first day, the material discussed far outweighs any  apprehensions one might have. The professors here at Carleton are very willing to help and enjoy very much the interaction with students, and as the years progress the material addressed becomes more and more interesting with depth that you can’t even comprehend in first year.
Erika Friesen, fourth-year Art History