Program Summary

The study of history allows us to recognize and understand the complex issues that shaped the contemporary world. The History Department offers courses in African, United States, Asian, Canadian, Caribbean, European, Latin American, and South Asian history. Some courses trace the history of social, political and cultural change of a region or period. Others are thematic and may examine women’s history, the histories of sexuality, sport, alcohol, war or global migrations. In the Public History Concentration, Honours students explore how history appears in our everyday lives, not only in museums and monuments, but also in movies and video games, and the stories families and communities pass from one generation to the next.

In first year, History students may choose a small seminar class and one or more larger lecture courses, some of which have discussion groups. Both formats foster debate and discussion. History courses encourage student research which may draw on the rich array of libraries and archives in the national capital, including Carleton’s own valuable collections and resources.