Program Summary

Greek and Roman Studies (Classics) provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the ancient roots of European civilization, and to observe the impact that the ancient world had on later eras. The program examines the literature, history, philosophy, mythology, religion, social and economic life, technology, art, architecture and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean, with a focus on the city-states of Greece and on the Roman world. In addition to learning about the history of civilizations that have made an indelible impact on the modern world, you will have the opportunity to learn the ancient Greek and Latin languages, to study ancient literature in the original languages or in translation, and to benefit from the expertise of Carleton scholars who have a rich variety of interests and areas of specialty. The program is interdisciplinary: the study of Classics provides a well-rounded education, producing graduates who can research, reason, argue and communicate — essential skills for any field. A minor in Archaeology is also available. In it, students focus on the sites, artefacts and methods of discovery of ancient sites globally.