Program Summary

How do the land, Indigenous languages and kinship shape human and more-than-human relations? How are Indigenous peoples fighting the climate crisis? How can we explain the conflicts we see around land and rights, especially in an age declared to be about (re)conciliation? These are some of the questions you will pursue as a student in Indigenous Studies, a program that centres Indigenous worldviews in our research, teaching and mentoring. While Critical Indigenous Studies is a diverse field of study and engagement, we are unified by our commitment to Indigenous resurgence and ways of knowing, community-engaged learning and dissection of colonial power and politics.

You will take courses that discuss Indigenous feminisms, genders and sexualities, ecological ways of knowing, Indigenous urbanisms, Indigenous legal orders, historical and contemporary Indigenous political struggles, Indigenous arts and culture, Indigenous languages and their relationships to the land, and global Indigeneity, among others. With a degree in Indigenous Studies, you will be prepared to participate knowledgeably in urgent agendas of change: decolonization, climate action, Indigenous cultural and political resurgence, anti-racist education, grassroots capacity-building, law and policy reform and revising public narratives of Canada and beyond.