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Programs / Arts / Psychology (BA)

Program Details

Psychologists study the mechanisms that underlie our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. They examine a diverse range of topics, such as how we think and learn, how we interact with others and how we can promote healthy development and wellness. This is accomplished by conducting research so that the knowledge gained can help us to better understand the human mind, enhance well-being and performance, and generate additional research questions.

All of our programs provide opportunities to explore psychology’s major areas within the context of an active and diverse research environment. Our honours programs offer six concentrations for students wishing to focus on one of these major areas.

Cognitive Psychology focuses on basic and applied processes related to memory, attention, perception, decision-making, human performance, and speech and language.

Developmental Psychology centres on the physical, social, and emotional changes that we experience across the lifespan, considering such topics as shyness, emerging adulthood, bullying, positive youth development, and the development of language, literacy and mathematics skills.

Forensic Psychology looks at the relationship between psychology and the justice system in order to improve our understanding of such topics as the development of criminal behaviour, the classification and rehabilitation of offenders, eyewitness testimony, and police psychology.

Health Psychology involves the study of the psychological, social and behavioural influences on health and illness, covering such topics as stress and coping, forgiveness, life-changing experiences, health decision-making and our relationship with nature.

Organizational Psychology looks at individuals and groups in workplace settings, examining issues such as occupational health and employee morale, with the ultimate goal of enhancing organizational effectiveness and individual well-being.

Social/Personality Psychology involves the study of the complex interplay between our characteristics and the environments in which we live, including a wide range of phenomena such as close relationships, procrastination, happiness and relationships between groups.

The insights you gain from studying psychology will serve you throughout your life, in virtually any career.

Psychology is offered as an Honours, Combined Honours or General BA program. Psychology is also available as a minor or as a Bachelor of Science Honours program.

What students are saying about Psychology (BA)

The Psychology department at Carleton has provided me with a framework for understanding the workings behind thought, action and emotions in both myself and the people around me. Going into the program, my idea that I would merely learn about behavior was quickly changed when I was introduced to a world of so much more. The professors are approachable and make the effort to make courses engaging, and the student psychology society, which provides professional, academic and social information and opportunities for students, ensures there’s never a dull moment in the department.
Patty Eddu, Psychology and Communication Studies student