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Our renowned Bachelor of Engineering degree offers an exceptionally comprehensive range of programs. At Carleton, we prepare you for a successful career as an engineer by combining rigorous programs and a highly supportive learning environment with practical hands-on experience.

Carleton’s Bachelor of Engineering ranks among the best in Canada. You will graduate with the knowledge to undertake a very broad range of engineering activities, including the design of aircraft, software, telecommunications systems, medical devices or environmental solutions to pollution. Along the way, you will be exposed to exciting technological advances in, for example, information storage, global communications networks and 3D image manipulation technologies.

The general curriculum begins with a foundation in mathematics, physical sciences and engineering principles. You will then proceed in the program to which you were admitted. Each program provides opportunities to specialize your studies according to your interests and ambitions. All programs offer a co-op option and an optional minor in Business. Opportunities for graduates of these programs exist in sectors such as industry, education and government, and in such diverse areas as research, product development, design, management and consulting.

Explore Engineering at Carleton University