Computer Systems Engineering

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Program Details

The Faculty of Engineering and Design’s Computer Systems Engineering program under the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering combines both hardware and software to design, develop and implement integrated computer systems for applications in such areas as robotics, artificial intelligence, aerospace and avionic systems, autonomous systems, multimedia applications and cloud computing.

You will learn how to engineer complex systems based on computers and acquire an understanding of computers as integrated software/hardware systems.

The Computer Systems Engineering program is fully accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, allowing graduates to meet the educational requirements for registering as a professional engineer.

Work Experience

A Co-op option is available. Co-op is the opportunity to get a head start on a career. Co-op work terms allow for the development of key employability skills, exploration of career options and graduation with tangible, workplace experience.

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A Computer Systems Engineering student working on a computer in a lab.

Career Outcomes

Explore your passions, refine new skills and discover the career that’s right for you.

Carleton has strong connections with Kanata North, Canada’s largest technology park where industry, finance and academic partners collaborate.

Computer Systems Engineering students working with equipment in a lab.

Sample Courses

ECOR 1042 - Data Management

Software development using container data types (sequences, sets, maps) for data management. Modules. Data files. Incremental, iterative development of programs. Introduction to designing and implementing numerical algorithms.

SYSC 3010 - Computer Systems Development Project

Development of expertise in designing, implementing and testing industrial-quality embedded systems through team projects. Applying modern programming languages, system design practices, current development processes (refactoring, iterative and incremental development) as well as current team-management tools (communication, version control) to medium-scale projects.

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