Psychology (BSc)

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Program Details

Psychologists study the mechanisms that underlie our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. They examine a diverse range of topics, such as how we think and learn, how we interact with others and how we can promote healthy development and wellness. Better understand the human mind and how to enhance well-being and performance. All of our undergraduate Psychology programs provide opportunities to explore psychology’s major areas within the context of an active and diverse research environment.

The BSc includes electives in the natural sciences. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is also available. The BA includes electives in the social sciences and humanities.

Tailor Your Program

Choose from five concentrations: Cognitive Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Health Psychology; or Social Psychology and Personality. We also offer a stream in Mental Health and Well-Being, as well as a Certificate in Multidisciplinary Studies in Mental Health and Well-Being.

Work Experience

Gain applied knowledge in the workplace in a variety of settings including community agencies, government departments and the private sector through our practicum courses. Many students also volunteer in our laboratories.

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Career Outcomes

Explore your passions, refine new skills and discover the career that’s right for you.

The insights and transferable skills you will gain from a BSc in Psychology will help you succeed in any career.

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Sample Courses

PSYC 1001 - Introduction to Psychology I

A survey of topics associated with psychology's role as a natural science, including neuroscience, cognition, and learning.

PSYC 2307 - Human Neuropsychology I

Introduction to study of brain-behaviour relationships, including a survey of theories, issues, methods, and findings. Topics may include basic anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system, including sensory and motor functions. Neural basis of language, perception, emotion, learning, memory, decision making and social cognition.

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