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Programs / Journalism

Program Details

Our Journalism program will prepare you for the exciting challenges that await you as a reporter, editor or broadcaster skilled in all of the media formats, from digital to audio and video. At Carleton, we believe that the best preparation for someone seeking a career in the media is a solid, broad-based education. That’s why you will study Canadian history and another language in addition to required journalism courses. You may also pursue other subjects beyond journalism, with the option of acquiring a Combined Honours degree in a wide range of disciplines such as history, legal studies, sociology, political science, communication studies or English literature.

In your first year, you will take an introductory course that gives you a clear understanding of journalism and the media’s role in modern Canadian society, how this role developed through history, and how it is shifting rapidly today. The course also provides students with an introduction to basic journalistic principles, professional practices and new tools such as social media.

In the second-year reporting workshop, you will learn how to gather, organize and report information— the fundamentals of print, broadcast and digital journalism. Your other second-year courses will focus on media law and on the structure and functions of the institutions you are likely to encounter and cover as a working journalist.

Third- and fourth-year study includes a range of professional workshops in audio and video journalism, newspaper and online journalism, and social media and the latest digital journalism skills. Specialized reporting courses offer you a selection of subject areas, such as business, science, health, politics and international affairs. You’ll be involved in classes producing student-led professional publications: a community newspaper and website, digital projects or radio or television current affairs programs. A rotating menu of journalism electives is offered each year, from conflict reporting to sports journalism.

Our professional apprenticeships during the academic year allow you to put your skills to practical use in news organizations, public relations and communications firms or non-governmental organizations across Canada.

What students are saying about Journalism

The resources at Carleton’s School of Journalism are incredible. From the rows of soundproof video editing suites, to the faculty that teaches powerful techniques to write poignantly, this school provides every tool and technique necessary to become a world-class journalist. Professors impart the science and art of good writing, the theory and practice of journalism, and the rush of piecing together a perfect story under a strict deadline. The future of media will be redefined by the upcoming generation of journalists; Carleton graduates will most certainly be at the forefront of this new era of news.
Brett Ruskin, fourth-year Journalism