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Explore Mathematics (BMath) at Carleton University

Programs / Mathematics (BMath)

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Mathematics is a driving force behind many of today’s advancements in medicine, economics and business, and science and technology.  As a Bachelor of Mathematics student you can choose from a broad range of program options according to your interests and career goals. The solid mathematical knowledge and skills you acquire at Carleton will give you a competitive edge in a wide variety of careers and prepare you to contribute to the next generation of innovations.

At Carleton, you can choose one of three Honours programs within the Bachelor of Mathematics:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics

A General program in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Mathematics is also available.

Alternately, you can choose a Combined Honours program which incorporate programs in Mathematics and Statistics with those from other disciplines such as Biology, Economics, Computer Science and Physics. You can also pursue a Bachelor of Science (Double Honours) in Mathematics and Physics, or choose one of the following Combined Honours within the Bachelor of Mathematics programs:

  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Economics and Statistics

Carleton also offers an elite fast-track program in which high-achieving students can complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in four years rather than the five years it would normally take to obtain both of these degrees.

Each of these programs ensures that you understand the structure of mathematics and master either traditional mathematical or statistical analysis. In addition, you will have opportunities to learn modern mathematical techniques and use advanced computer software.

Explore Mathematics (BMath) at Carleton University