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Programs / Mathematics / Mathematics

Program Summary

Mathematical knowledge is critical to innovation in fields as disparate as architecture and psychology, to name only two examples. Built around a strong core of traditional pure mathematics, Carleton’s program allows you to branch into many areas of modern mathematics and become skilled with a variety of applications so that you are ready to play a role in driving change. Computer Science courses may be included as options to broaden your skill set.

Some programs are available at both the three-year General and four-year Honours levels. A minor is also offered.

What students are saying about Mathematics

When I first came to Carleton I was taking Physics, and was afraid of the math involved. That changed after taking a second-year Linear Algebra course over the summer. After taking that course, which I enjoyed a lot, I changed my program to double Honours Mathematics and Physics because I wanted the opportunity to learn the theory behind the math I was using. I started here at Carleton with no set future plans regarding a career; I just enjoyed Physics and wanted to continue with it. In order to keep myself motivated and define my goals, I have attended sessions with Career Services as well as presentations within the Mathematics and Physics societies. I will soon be working in the research field as an assistant, in order to gain experience and decide if I would like to continue with research after my undergraduate degree.
Michelle Terry, (BSc) Mathematics and Physics student