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Programs / Global and International Studies / Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Program Summary

(Multidisciplinary; History)

The geopolitical region of Latin America and the Caribbean has emerged as a key area of interest for Canadians. The growing ties between the two regions is shown in the rise in trade and investment relations as well as migrant flows. Furthermore, the complex biodiversity, history and cultures of the area invite new approaches to understanding sustainable development, democracy, human rights, cultural diversity and new forms of cooperation. This specialization addresses all of these issues, and will provide you with an understanding of this dynamic and culturally rich part of the word and its engagement in the global arena.

Minor offered through the History Department: Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor.

What students are saying about Latin American and Caribbean Studies

I chose the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) degree because of its unique and multifaceted approach to global issues such as poverty, transnational politics and world inequalities. My specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is particularly interesting to me as an international student from the Caribbean, as it functions as a lens to closely examine the factors that shape the historical and contemporary relations between this dynamic region and the rest of the world.
Laquesha Bailey, Latin and Caribbean Studies

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