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Programs / Global and International Studies / International Economic Policy

Program Summary

(Disciplinary; Department of Economics)

This disciplinary specialization provides a good general understanding of the economic forces invoked by government intervention and helps students gain familiarity with current best evidence on the magnitude of these forces. The program’s relatively non-technical approach will give students with diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn about issues related to economic globalization, international and public-sector economics, and the ways in which associated challenges might be resolved for the improvement of people’s well-being. This specialization will be of particular interest to students who aspire to work in economic policy institutions such as central banks, government finance ministries, trade policy institutions, financial regulatory agencies, macroeconomic think tanks, and international lending institutions.

What students are saying about International Economic Policy

The International Economic Policy specialization in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) has given me the opportunity to take courses in economics, business and languages while completing the program's core courses. My International Experience Requirement helped me better prepare myself for employment opportunities after graduation as well.
Norton Ngo, International Economic Policy

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