Program Summary

In the Bachelor of Humanities, students read the world’s most influential books and explore the world’s most exciting ideas in art, philosophy, history, literature, classics, music, religion and science.

In this interdisciplinary Liberal Arts program, students study the world’s greatest ideas, books, and art works produced by thinkers from the span of recorded world history— from ancient Mesopotamia to modern America. The emphasis of the program is on ideas, explored through small discussion groups and writing assignments. The typical Humanities student loves to read, and is excited about sharing ideas with students and professors.

The Bachelor of Humanities can take you anywhere you want to go. Humanities students graduate with outstanding research, writing, and communications skills, and they normally rise very quickly in their chosen professions. Students in the Bachelor of Humanities can ask to be paired with a professional mentor and can gain insight into the workplace before they graduate. Graduates may go on to rewarding careers in law, journalism, teaching, medicine, business, policy analysis, foreign service, international relations, public service, writing and research.