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Programs / Global and International Studies / Globalization, Culture, and Power

Program Summary

(Disciplinary; Department of Anthropology and Sociology)

The discipline of Anthropology offers conceptual and methodological tools to frame the concepts of “culture” and “global” in the context of globalization processes, shedding light on issues such as cultural survival; shifting racialized, gendered, ethnic and national identities; and cultural meanings. This specialization will allow you to use Anthropology to understand globalizing processes as deeply historical and spatially situated and to become conversant with the intersection of globalization with economic inequality, ecological vulnerabilities, colonial legacies, health practices and institutions, and new visions of human rights.

What students are saying about Globalization, Culture, and Power

“The interdisciplinary nature of the Bachelor Global and International Studies (BGInS) program has allowed me to hone a broad understanding of the world around me, which has informed my calling, identity, and values. Where my specialization in Globalization, Culture, and Power draws me ever deeper into the anthropological ether, my core courses pull me out again, urging me to apply my learning to many areas of analysis. Perhaps most importantly, the format of the BGInS curriculum is a constant reminder that all these not-so-separate spheres of learning are most powerful when understood in relation to one another.”
Paloma Callo, Globalization, Culture, and Power

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