Program Summary

From Google Maps to GPS navigation to global vegetation and water monitoring, geomatics deals with the acquisition, management, analysis and display of geographic information. In the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geomatics, you will obtain intensive science-based training in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (imaging from satellites, piloted aircraft and drones) and cartography, including web-based applications. You will apply advanced computer software and techniques to the challenge of understanding the Earth’s physical and natural systems, addressing environmental problems and planning human interventions. Our program combines hands-on learning, using the latest in laboratory facilities, with opportunities to gain field experience and do work placements. Science-based geomatics applications include the modelling and mapping of the physical and natural environment, resource planning, land cover and vegetation mapping, and hazards mapping, among many others. The BSc in Geomatics includes training in associated physical or natural sciences and computer sciences.