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Programs / Economics

Program Details

Economics may be a specialized area of knowledge, but it is relevant to almost every aspect of our lives. At its core, it is the study of reasoned choice in the context of scarce resources and competing interests. The need to make such choices pervades the day-to-day lives of all of us—as individuals and in society as a whole.

Carleton’s Bachelor of Economics (BEcon) is offered as an Honours program in which you study the operation of market-based economies, examining the causes of economic growth, inflation, unemployment and international trade. You will look at how governments manage their economies by developing and administering policies to regulate activities such as trade, taxes and competition, and you will study economic theory and research methods. Students in the BEcon (Honours) who wish to focus their studies in particular areas may complete one or two of seven concentrations:

  • Computational Analysis
  • Development
  • Economic Theory (recommended for students intending to pursue graduate studies in economics)
  • Financial Economics
  • International Political Economy
  • Mathematics and Quantitative Economics
  • Natural Resources, Environment, and Economy

A BEcon Combined Honours program is also available for students who wish to study both Economics and another eligible discipline. A minor in Economics, a minor in Industrial Economics, and a co-op option are available as well.

A Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Economics is available for qualified students who have already completed an undergraduate degree.