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Bachelor of Social Work

Your supplementary application is complete with the receipt of the following items:

  1. Official academic transcripts which you must send yourself or arrange to have sent by the transcript granting institution to Admissions Services at Carleton (Note: If you are a current full-time Ontario high school student, your marks will be submitted automatically by your school).
  2. The supplementary application form which includes:
  • Parts I, II, and III: Personal Information
  • Part IV: Admission Essays
  • Education equity self-identification form (optional)
  • Two complete reference forms (sealed)

Guidelines for completing the supplementary application form

Part I: Identifying information

Complete the personal information section at the top of the page.

Part II: Education

The education section must be completed in full.

Part III: Work experience

Section A: Human service/social change work experience

Human service/social change is defined as providing social work related services (paid and volunteer) to individuals, families, groups or communities. This could include:

  • working with people in educational, correctional, or social service agencies, or in health or recreational settings;
  • group and community participation and leadership;
  • social change activities such as advocacy, research, education or social action.

Please do not include co-op education experiences or field placements in this section.

Section B: Practicum/Placement Experience

Education-related work experience may consist of high school cooperative education or field placement/practicums taken as part of a college program.

Part IV: Admissions Essays

Refer to application form for guidelines.

Education Equity

Both Carleton University and the School of Social Work have an expressed commitment to the principles of education equity for persons from groups who historically have been disadvantaged by systems, structures and ideologies that have privileged some groups over others, resulting in differential access to education. Particular emphasis is placed on reconciliation to redress the historic and contemporary burdens of colonialism borne by Indigenous peoples. We are also concerned about educational equity for those groups impacted by relations of racism, ageism, sexism, anti-Black racism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, cisnormativity, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and/or xenophobia.

In response to these structural impediments, the School affirms the principle that individuals from all groups should have the opportunity to learn and to contribute in an environment that supports, encourages and incorporates their knowledge, insights and perspectives into our curriculum.

From the School’s perspective, education equity is a structural issue requiring an ongoing rigorous review of established norms and practices and the assumptions and values that underlay them. Education equity is consistent with, and necessary for, achieving principles of academic excellence and practice competence. The School of Social Work recognizes that is an ongoing process of development to which we are committed.

Reference forms

Reference forms should be mailed as soon as possible to the people you have asked to write references for you. Instruct your referees to complete the reference forms and return them to you in a sealed envelope, with their signature on the back of the envelope over the seal.


Your personal information, admissions essays and references must be submitted in hard copy to the School of Social Work at the address below by March 1.

Official transcripts should be sent to Admissions Services by March 1. 

Do you want more information? Call, write or email us at:

Bachelor of Social Work Admissions
School of Social Work
Carleton University
509 Dunton Tower
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
Tel: 613-520-5601
Fax: 613-520-7496

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