Transfer/Advanced Standing Credit – Canadian University

Carleton University subscribes to the following General Policy on the Transfer of Course Credits, as adopted by the Council of Ontario Universities:

  • Acceptance of transfer credits among Ontario universities shall be based on the recognition that, while learning experiences may differ in a variety of ways, their substance may be essentially equivalent in terms of their content and rigour. Insofar as possible, acceptance of transfer should allow for the maximum recognition of previous learning experience in university-level courses.
  • Subject to degree, grade and program requirements, any course offered for credit by one university shall be accepted for credit by another Ontario university when there is an essential equivalency in course content.

Students applying from other recognized universities may be admitted if they are eligible to continue at the institution from which they wish to transfer and if they present an acceptable average.

An applicant who is attending or has attended institutions of post-secondary education must present:

a.  Official certified transcripts of academic records mailed directly to this University by the registrars of the institutions attended, and

b.  Applicants who have taken only one year of study past the secondary school level may be required to submit an official transcript of high school marks mailed directly to Carleton University by the high school concerned.

Credit may be received for courses taken at other recognized degree-granting institutions if:

a.  courses are relevant to a student’s proposed program, and

b.  the appropriate department recommends that such courses be credited to a student’s program. Each application will be evaluated on its own merits.

Students who apply for admission to an undergraduate degree program who already possess an undergraduate degree from either Carleton or another university, are required to complete a minimum number of Carleton credits.

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