Faculty and students in Neuroscience are particularly interested in how diseases that affect the brain lead to mental health problems including depression, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and concussion. Our research, like our academic programs, integrates information from many disciplines including medical research, molecular biology, psychology, immunology, genetics, chemistry and epidemiology.

Neuroscience is available as a Combined Honours program between the Departments of Neuroscience and Biology.

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What students are saying about our Neuroscience program:

I couldn’t have asked for a better undergraduate experience. Studying neuroscience at Carleton University was challenging, but prepared me well to continue my education in medicine. With interesting courses taught by supportive professors who are top in their fields, this program has been both enjoyable and rewarding. Even outside the classroom, it was easy to get involved in some of the research being conducted at Carleton. If you’re interested in continuing in science, and have an interest in neuroscience, I highly recommend this program!

Eric Nelson, BSc/09 in Neuroscience

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    Second year, Neuroscience Combined Honours

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      Third year, Biology; Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour