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Programs / Science / Nanoscience

Program Details

Nanoscience is concerned with the study of matter at a scale on the order of 10 to thousands of atoms. At Carleton, you will examine nanoscience through the disciplines of physical chemistry and electrical engineering to understand the physical, chemical and electronic characteristics of matter in this size regime. The combination of these two areas of study will equip you to fully understand nanoscience in photonic, electronic, energy and communication technologies.

The focus of the program will be on materials—their use in electronic devices, their scalability and the control of their properties. Further required courses in mathematics, physics and statistics will round out the program, and advanced courses in bionanoscience and nanoelectronics are available.

Nanoscience is offered as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours program, as well as a concentration as part of an Honours degree in Chemistry (a BSc in Chemistry with a Concentration in Nanotechnology).