Program Summary

Whether you are an aspiring performer, a budding critic curious about how music shapes culture, or a talented musician who wants to share the joys of musicianship as a teacher, Carleton’s Bachelor of Music will prepare you to achieve your goals.

Carleton University’s Bachelor of Music (Honours) program provides a solid grounding in the study and performance of a wide variety of musical instruments and traditions. Subjects of study include the practice, analysis and history of European classical music from the Middle Ages to the present; Canadian music; computer music; composition; ethnomusicology; jazz; popular music and gender studies. One of the unique things about Carleton’s Bachelor of Music program is that it is possible for students to undertake individual performance instruction with highly qualified instructors in virtually any musical tradition. We also offer a wide range of music ensembles including choir, jazz, jazz-rock fusion, music theatre, African drumming and more.

A degree in Music from Carleton provides a broad yet thorough education, giving graduates a competitive advantage in today’s job market. The BMus program can lead to various careers in music, as well as graduate studies in musicology, theory, composition or performance.

Applicants are required to submit a Creative Practice Portfolio, which is a digital portfolio that showcases their work.

A Bachelor of Arts (Honours, Combined Honours) in Music is also available.