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Programs / Science / Earth Sciences

Program Details

The Earth Sciences program at Carleton offers you the opportunity to study the Earth’s systems, incorporating knowledge from other sciences including physics, biology and chemistry. You will learn about processes (such as evolution, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics and mountain building, formation of hydrocarbon reservoirs and mineral deposits) influential in the Earth’s geologic past that establish our present and future global development. The program offers the opportunity to participate in hands-on field courses that can take you to sites throughout Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

Honours students may enroll in concentrations such as Finance: Resource Valuation; Geophysics; Resource Economics; or Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoecology; or in Combined programs with Biology, Chemistry or Physical Geography that provide a broader understanding of fields related to Earth Sciences. Honours and Major graduates are eligible to apply for Professional Geoscientist registration in Canada—an important designation in the job market. Some Earth Sciences students may be interested in taking a minor in Business or Geomatics.

We also have Combined Honours programs with Physical Geography, Biology and Chemistry. In the Earth Sciences/Physical Geography program, we offer a concentration in Terrain Science. A minor in Earth Sciences: Earth Resources and Processes and a co-op option are also available.

What students are saying about Earth Sciences

Early on, I was exposed to the many different branches of the geosciences, such as palaeontology, economic geology and geophysics and more. I not only found the subject matter to be interesting and enjoyable, but also saw myself having a lifelong career in this field. The diversity in hands-on training and theory from qualified professors ensured that I graduated fully prepared to enter either the industry or continue with graduate studies. The world’s economy and future is heavily reliant on the progress and development in the Earth Sciences and the program at Carleton University provided me with the required knowledge and experience to ensure that I can contribute to this continuously growing field.
Michal Kolaj, Earth Sciences student