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Programs / Science / Chemistry

Program Details

As a student interested in chemistry, you can enrol in programs and courses in all the main areas of chemistry, including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and environmental chemistry. If you wish, you can choose to pursue a concentration in Nanotechnology where you will study the atoms and molecules used to create computer chips and other devices that are the smallest permitted by current technologies. Co-op education and extensive lab experience are offered, helping you to round out your studies with practical experience. Chemistry is offered as an Honours, Combined Honours or General program. A minor in Chemistry is also available.

Concentration in Nanotechnology
The innovative concentration in Nanotechnology allows for the study of devices and architectures at the molecular scale. This program of study combines a strong background in physical and inorganic chemistry with several new core courses in nanotechnology, surface nanofeatures and physical methods. This is complemented with practical research experience in breakthrough fields like thin film deposition and characterization, scanning microscopy, fibre-optic pollutant nanosensors, nanobiophysics and DNA nanosensors. Applications using nanotechnology are already evident in the electronics and aerospace industries. Nanotechnology is set to revolutionize science and technology. Possible careers are available in fields such as microelectronics, aerospace, biomedicine and environmental and communication technology.


What students are saying about Chemistry

The Chemistry program at Carleton is truly amazing. Whether you’re in a lecture, or doing an experiment in the lab, the instructors are there to guide you every step of the way. They show a passion for teaching that you won’t find anywhere else. Countless opportunities are available for students to get hands-on experience doing research in a laboratory environment. Carleton has empowered me with the skills I need to succeed in graduate studies, in the workplace, and in my future.
William Turnbull, Chemistry student