Program Summary

Biotechnology applies the principles of biochemistry and biology to the study and manipulation of living organisms for medical, agricultural, environmental and industrial applications. Some areas of biotechnology include genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, personalized medicine, drug development, novel foods, applied microbiology and fermentation techniques, and biological control of insect pests. In the Ottawa area, local companies and government agencies are involved in projects such as biofuel production from agricultural waste, the development of medical diagnostic screening devices, and the development of new anti-cancer and antimicrobial therapies — in other words, biotechnological solutions to real-world everyday problems.

Biotechnology is offered as a specialized program in conjunction with Biochemistry or Biology.

Carleton’s Biotechnology programs are a tight-knit community supported by award-winning educators. Experiential learning opportunities, active learning practices and authentic assessment in labs and classrooms create a student-centred environment. Carleton’s location in the nation’s capital provides unique opportunities for networking and work-integrated learning in government departments and agencies including Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, as well as in a booming biotech industry.