Program Summary

The science of biochemistry seeks to understand how organisms function by investigating enzyme reactions, mechanisms of gene regulation, chemical signaling pathways and cellular structure at the molecular level. Biochemists study how animals, plants and bacteria make use of energy to grow, compete with other organisms and reproduce. You will study important issues of direct relevance to humanity — issues that help us understand and treat disease, improve access to nutritious food, address contaminated land and water, and find new techniques to produce valuable products such biofuels and biomedical treatments. Training in Biochemistry provides a strong foundation for entry into medicine and other health sciences professional programs.

  • Carleton Biochemistry is an energetic community supported by award-winning educators.
  • Participate in experiential learning, active learning practices, and authentic assessment for a student-centered experience.
  • Opportunities to network with a booming high-tech industry and government departments and agencies such as Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada.