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Programs / Science / Biochemistry

Program Details

The science of biochemistry seeks to understand how organisms function by investigating enzyme reactions, mechanisms of gene regulation, chemical signaling pathways, and cellular structure at the molecular level. Biochemists study how animals, plants and bacteria make use of energy to grow, compete with other organisms and reproduce. Many of the biochemist’s findings are of direct relevance to humanity—they help us understand and treat disease, improve food production and find new techniques to produce valuable products such as vitamins and antibiotics.

Biochemistry programs are excellent training options for entry into medicine and other health sciences professional programs.

Honours programs are offered in Biochemistry, Computational Biochemistry, and the combined program in Biotechnology and Biochemistry. A four-year Major program in Biochemistry is also offered.

What students are saying about Biochemistry

The Institute of Biochemistry at Carleton University is welcoming and exhilarating, with a consistent sense of belonging from day one. By combining my interests in the fields of molecular biology and chemistry, I have been able to build a program that appeals most to my interests. The classes are engaging, and the hands-on laboratories present new learning strategies, while the research labs provide you the opportunity to work on groundbreaking research alongside world class researchers. My Biochemistry degree will serve me well as I further explore the world of research and potentially pursue a medical degree.
Christopher Mattice, Biochemistry student