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Programs / Science / Applied Physics

Program Details

Applied Physics is the basis of modern technology, including modern telecommunications, photonics, computer technology, medical imaging and cancer therapies.

Our Honours Applied Physics program combines studies in modern physics, optics and electronics, math and computer science. As part of your credits for this program, you may opt to take courses in finance, organizational management and entrepreneurship and earn a minor in Business in addition to your degree in Applied Physics.

What students are saying about Applied Physics

The Physics Department at Carleton is welcoming and friendly, with a wonderful sense of camaraderie among the students, and no one feels like just a number. If you never imagined that you could participate in prestigious international collaborations as an undergraduate, think again—Carleton professors can open the door for you to their world-leading research. Whether searching for the Higgs boson or developing new radiation treatments for cancer, you can discover your research interests, build a network of contacts in your field, and gain a wealth of highly relevant skills. My experiences at Carleton have empowered me to pursue success in graduate school and in launching my career.
Miriam Diamond, Physics student (Theory Stream)