Applied Physics

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Program Details

Applied Physics is the basis of modern technology, including modern telecommunications, photonics, computer technology, medical imaging and cancer therapies.

Our Honours Applied Physics program combines studies in modern physics, optics and electronics, math and computer science. As part of your requirements for this program, you may also opt to take courses in finance, organizational management and entrepreneurship, and earn a minor in Business in addition to your Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Applied Physics.

A Physics (Honours) and a professionally accredited Engineering Physics (BEng) program are also available.

Capital Advantage

Our department’s location in the nation’s capital places you within the highest concentration of scientific and technical expertise in the country, providing unparalleled access to both personnel and technical facilities.

Work Experience

A Co-op option is available. Through Co-op, students have an opportunity to apply academic studies to a real work environment as well as to explore various career possibilities. Placements are available at local high-tech companies, government laboratories or health care institutions in the Ottawa region and beyond.

Exceptional Faculty

Our faculty is actively engaged in intensive research in particle physics and medical physics. You’ll benefit from their expertise, passion and experiences and have opportunities to work alongside them in your capstone research project.

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Career Outcomes

Explore your passions, refine new skills and discover the career that’s right for you.

The skills learned through the study of applied physics are highly transferable and will prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Kessler Observatory at Carleton University.

Sample Courses

PHYS 1003 - Introductory Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Mechanics, gravitation, oscillations, and thermodynamics. The application of calculus to solve problems in these areas of physics is introduced. This course is intended for students in the physical sciences and engineering.

PHYS 3007 - Third Year Physics Laboratory: Selected Experiments and Seminars

Students complete a small number of experiments selected from modern optics, holography, atomic physics, nuclear spectroscopy, radiation, etc. An exercise on literature searches and student seminars on experimental and numerical methods are included.

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