Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies

Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies

Language is an essential part of what it is to be human and this program gives you the opportunity to examine how language works in real life. The field of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies develops and applies theories to solve everyday problems involving language.

Course materials address such questions as how languages are taught and learned, how language competencies are evaluated, how writing is used to perform a variety of functions, how language is used in specific social contexts, how language can influence society and vice versa, how government policies influence language practices, and what makes a bilingual education program effective.

Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies can be studied as an Honours, General or Combined Honours degree, or as a Minor. Minor programs in American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Linguistics are also available.

Certificate programs are also available in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL) and in American Sign Language (CASL).

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What students are saying about our Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies program:

The undergraduate Applied Linguistics program at Carleton, though it is small, is exceptional! The professors are extraordinary—they are always more than willing to provide extra assistance and answer any questions. They strive to get to know their students on an academic as well as a personal level. Going to class has never been so enjoyable!

Victoria Vanderstoep second-year Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies and concurrent CTESL student

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