Dates and Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

January 14

Deadline for Ontario secondary school  students to submit 101 applications to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Applications after this date will be accepted. Please note that the following programs have specific application deadlines and/or additional requirements:

  • Architectural Studies (February 1)
  • Humanities (Great Books) (March 1)
  • Industrial Design (March 1)
  • Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design (March 1)
  • Journalism (March 1)
  • Journalism and Humanities (March 1)
  • Music (March 1)
  • Social Work (February 1)

Early February

All Ontario secondary students who have applied for admission by the January 14, 2015 application deadline will receive an acknowledgment package from Carleton University and OUAC. Please note specific application deadlines for the following programs: Architectural Studies, Humanities (Great Books), Industrial Design, Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design, Journalism, Music, Social Work.

March 1

Last day for applicants to the Bachelor of Humanities (Great Books) program to submit their portfolio.

Last day for applicants to the Bachelor of Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia and Design) program to submit their portfolio.

Last day for applicants to the Bachelor of Music program to schedule an audition.

  • Applicants living more than 100 km from Ottawa may audition via a recording and an affidavit in consultation with the School for Studies in Art and Culture: Music.
  • For more information: Additional Admission Requirements

Last day for applicants to the Bachelor of Social Work program to submit their Supplementary Application Form.

Mid to end of March

Carleton University will begin to make offers of admission to Ontario secondary students based on Grade 12 interim or a combination of Grade 12 interim grades and Grade 11 and 12 final grades. Do not be concerned if you do not receive an early offer of admission. Offers will continue to be made until mid-June. After that date offers will be made using Grade 12 final marks or a combination of final marks and final summer course marks.

April 1

Last day for applicants to either the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Bachelor of Industrial Design programs to submit portfolios.

April 1

Last day to apply for applicants whose documents originate outside Canada or the Unites States.


Comprehensive guides to first year programs at Carleton University are available at: First Year Course Selection Guides.

May 1

Last day for students whose documents originate outside of Canada to submit all transcripts and supporting documents. Please note some programs have earlier deadlines – see above.

For more information: Please consult step 3 of of the International Applicants checklist.

May 28, 2015

Ontario secondary school applicants to Carleton should have received an offer of admission, a refusal, or notification that final grades will be required before a decision may be reached. If you have not received notification by this date, please call our Undergraduate Recruitment Office for more information.

June 1

Deadline to apply for applicants whose documents originate in Canada or the United States, except applicants to Architectural Studies, Humanities (Great Books), Industrial Design, Journalism, Music, Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia and Design) or Social Work. Note: Applications for admission may be received after this date, but the University cannot guarantee that all late applications will be processed in time for registration in the academic session requested. Applicants to programs with limited enrolment should note that such programs may be filled by this date.

June 1

Deadline for Ontario secondary students to respond to an Offer of Admission made prior to May 15. Responses to Offers of Admission to limited enrolment programs received after this date could result in the Offer being rescinded. Note that you may respond to our Offer of Admission as soon as you receive it.

June 2

Carleton begins withdrawing offers of admission from students who did not respond to offers of admission to limited enrolment programs.

Early June

Registration for Fall 2015 begins.

June 8 (4:30 p.m. EST)

The deadline to confirm the Offer of Residence. To accept the offer of residence accommodation, you must:

  • accept your offer of admission by June 1, 2015
  • visit the Housing website at and follow the required steps to complete the online application. You must also pay residence deposit (amount $700).
  • For more information: Housing and Conference Services

June 11

A lottery for residence accommodation and wait-list priority is held. This is for those students who did not receive a guaranteed residence, but applied for residence accommodation using the application available on the Housing website. Applications will be accepted after this date and will be placed on a wait list. Successful applicants are notified by mail.

June 15

Deadline for high school applicants to be considered for an entrance scholarship for Fall 2015. All required grades must be received by this date.

Application deadline for students registered in a degree program at Carleton University applying for a transfer to another program.

Early August

Ontario Secondary School applicants will know if their final grades (as received from OUAC) are sufficient to maintain a conditional offer of admission (an offer based on interim grades for Grade 12 4U/4M courses). Applicants’ final grades must meet the published minimum for admission to retain a conditional offer.

Mid August

Conditional offers of admission will be withdrawn if final grades have not been received or final grades are below the published minimum for admission.

Last week of August – First week of September, 2014

Fall Orientation. Academic program, student services and social orientation to the Campus.

Early September, 2014

Fall 2015 Term begins.

Early September, 2014

Academic Orientation. All students are expected to be on campus. Class and laboratory preparation, departmental introductions for students, and other academic preparation activities will be held.

First week of September, 2015

Fall and fall/winter classes begin.

Mid-September, 2015

Last day for registration. Last day to change courses or sections for fall/winter and fall term courses.

September 30

Last day to request, in writing, a deferral of an offer of admission for Fall 2014 to the next academic session (Summer 2015 or Fall 2015). There is a charge of $43.00 for this service.

October 15

Application and document submission deadline for applicants for January entry whose documents originate outside Canada or the United States.

Late October

Fall break, no classes.

Mid-November 2015

Application and document submission deadline for applicants for January entry whose documents originate from within Canada or the United States.