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Programs / Information Technology / Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD)

Program Details

The four-year IMD program is aimed at students who are both artistically inclined and technologically adept and who are interested in all aspects of digital media. You will acquire the tools you need to take an idea or a problem and advance it through the entire process from concept to pre-production, production and post-production. The program provides you with a multidisciplinary education through courses in computer animation, visual effects, game design and development, graphic design and human-computer interaction. The program is then further enhanced with courses in science, mathematics, business and social science. You will graduate fully-equipped to work in and shape the digital world of the future.

What students are saying about Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD)

I chose the IMD program because I wanted to break into the visual effects industry without specializing right out of high school. Plus, I can receive a degree which most film schools can't provide. Carleton is one of the only universities in Canada with a program like this, which was enough reason for me to move from Vancouver. I’ve already spent 20 months working in a high end VFX studio and achieved my dream of making it into movie credits!
Taryn Laurendeau, IMD student