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Programs / Information Technology / Information Resource Management (IRM)

Program Summary

The four-year IRM program enables students to graduate with both a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from Carleton University and a Library and Information Technician diploma from Algonquin College. In four years, graduates obtain what would otherwise take 6 years to complete. The program provides students with a broad understanding of information management, as well as specific capabilities in managing digital resources as these affect research data, websites and social media. Such skills are especially important now that the library and information technology field has moved beyond the traditional library setting to encompass a wide range of occupations in both the private- and public-sectors.

The IRM program is a unique 4-year program that enables students to graduate with both a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and a Library and Information Technician diploma. The blended University and College program combines a strong theoretical education with practical experience. The flexible structure of the program also enables students to incorporate a minor of their choice to develop a subject area specialty. A bridge program has been designed for students who already have an LIT diploma to reduce the time to obtain the BIT degree.

Laboratory Facilities

An up-to-date computer lab specifically maintained for the program provides access to the latest technology in the field.

Newly renovated MacOdrum Library won the prestigious Ontario Library Association Library Building Award 2015. The Library provides a number of state-of-the-art facilities including the Discovery Centre for Undergraduate Research and Student Engagement, which includes a gaming laboratory, 3D printing centre and multimedia laboratory. The Library will provide a designated space adjacent to the Discovery Centre for IRM students to research, collaborate and study.

Co-op opportunities

A flexible co-operative education option will be available to IRM students. The co-op option enables students to gain up to five terms of work experience related to the field of information technology and information resource management. Normally students will complete their first co-op term in the summer after their second year of studies, with the second, third and (optional) fourth co-op terms in the winter, summer and fall after the fall term of their third year. Co-op employment can be in government agencies, libraries, or the private sector.

Tuned into industry

Both institutions regularly consult with representatives from related industries in order to track changing trends in IT, Digital Resource Management, and Library Resources. This also helps you to build contacts for both co-op and future employment.

Where better to study information resource management than in Ottawa, Canada’s capital? The IRM program has contacts with major government and other employers for coop and practicum placements.

Organizations create and use an unprecedented amount of digital data, which has fundamentally changed the ways in which we work, communicate and provide services. Advances in information technology have created increased demand from employers for graduates with expanded technology skills to manage digital information.

This skill set includes a broad understanding of information management, as well as specific capabilities in managing digital resources such as research data, websites and social media. This provides an important context as education in the library and information technology field moves beyond the traditional library setting to encompass a wide range of occupations in both the private and public sectors.

These developments have prompted Carleton University and Algonquin College to work together to develop a new program to meet the needs of a changing information economy. The IRM program provides the opportunity to learn about information systems in both the classroom and the real world.

Once registered in the IRM program, students are members of both Algonquin and Carleton. Both institutions offer the benefit of outstanding facilities, teaching staff, resources and expertise.

Note: The program has been designed for full-time studies; to ensure the necessary student/teacher interaction, enrolment in the program is limited.


Graduates from the IRM program will have both a degree and a diploma, opening the door to a broad range of career opportunities to manage digital resources and services. Career paths include: Information Management, Research Institutes, Research Data Management, Library Services (academic and public libraries), Web Services and Database Development, Web Design, and E-Commerce.

Graduates of the program will have a marketable skill set and a number of competitive advantages in the employment market including practical job related experience gained through practicum and senior year projects. These projects are supervised by professionals working in fields related to information technology, including some from Carleton’s MacOdrum Library. A focus on information management and the French requirement will mean that graduates are also competitive for employment in the federal government.

What students are saying about Information Resource Management (IRM)

If you’re looking for a rewarding and practical degree that is useful to employers, Information Resource Management is a great choice. Since technology and many other industries have advanced so far in today’s world, there is a glut of information and data waiting to be managed, making this degree very valuable. In this program, I am able to acquire both practical and technical skills. With so many different competencies in this program, Information Resource Management holds a very promising prospect for its future students.
Catherine Liu, Information Resource Management student

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