Program Summary

Improving the sustainability, quality and safety of food systems is essential to fight climate change and feed a growing population. Food scientists develop products with added nutritional value; they investigate food-borne illness and fraud, design environmentally friendly and smart packaging, and provide expert advice when unsafe foods end up in consumers’ hands. Built on a strong natural sciences foundation and important transferrable skills, Food Science prepares students for the challenges of their generation.

We explore food science as it relates to:

The global food crisis: Approximately 768 million people are food insecure globally and 10 per cent of people fall ill from food contamination every year. Food Science at Carleton enhances food quality and safety to address food insecurity.

Climate change: Thirty-three per cent of greenhouse gas emissions originate from food systems yet half of all food produced is wasted. Food Science at Carleton researches sustainable food practices, including ways to reduce food loss and food waste and make use of food by-products.