Computational Biochemistry

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Program Details

The development of modern technologies that generate vast amounts of information on entire genomes, proteomes or metabolomes has transformed biochemistry. This program provides training in biochemistry and computer science to analyze and manage vast amounts of biochemical data. You’ll explore the core areas of biology and chemistry including genetics, cell biology, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry, as well as general and experimental biochemistry, bioinformatics and molecular modelling. You can also focus on areas such as molecular genetics, metabolomics, pharmaceutical drug design, functional genomics and protein structure and function.

Work Experience

A Co-op option is available. Co-op is the opportunity to get a head start on a career. Co-op work terms allow for the development of key employability skills, exploration of career options and graduation with tangible, workplace experience.

Take advantage of experiential learning, active learning practices and authentic assessment for a student-centered experience.

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Career Outcomes

Explore your passions, refine new skills and discover the career that’s right for you.

Benefit from opportunities to network with a booming high-tech industry and government departments and agencies such as Health Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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Sample Courses

BIOL 1103 - Foundations of Biology I

A research-oriented course focusing on the scientific process of biological exploration at the cellular level. Topics include cell organization, metabolism, genetics, and reproduction.

BIOC 3008 - Bioinformatics

A practical exploration in the application of information technology to biochemistry and molecular biology. Insight into biological knowledge discovery via molecular structure and function prediction, comparative genomics and biological information management.

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