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Programs / Cognitive Science

Program Details

Researchers in our program (students and faculty members) study the mind by combining the methods and theories of five disciplines: psychology, philosophy, linguistics, neuroscience and computer science. This interdisciplinary approach allows unique insights into human understanding, thought, perception, language and emotion. Through Carleton’s program, you can develop your expertise in one of five specializations:

  • Biological Foundations of Cognition;
  • Cognition and Computation;
  • Cognition and Psychology;
  • Language and Linguistics; or
  • Philosophical and Conceptual Issues.

You can also take advantage of a variety of on-campus research facilities including those associated with the Visualization and Simulation Centre (VSIM), the Language, Logic, and Information Lab (LLI), the Science of Imagination Lab (SOIL), the Language and Brain Lab, the Centre for Applied Cognitive Research (CACR) or the Children’s Representational Development Lab (CRDL).

The Bachelor of Cognitive Science is offered as an Honours program with either a thesis or coursework option, and as a three year degree.

What students are saying about Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science provides a strong mix of both the Sciences and the Arts, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary integration. Carleton University is the only school to offer this program as a B.Cog.Sc. rather than a B.A. or B.Sc., plus it has a dedicated group of professors that make the experience even better.
Kevin Hua, Cognitive Science student