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Programs / Architectural Studies

Program Details

Carleton’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies focuses on knowledge, experience, creativity and imagination. Our program encourages you to explore ideas through making, evaluate ideas within the context of the human experience, and exercise creativity through writing, model making, drawing, digital media and presentations.

Carleton’s Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism awards the pre-professional Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) degree upon successful completion of our four-year program of study. If you intend to practice architecture, you can then apply to continue into a professional Master of Architecture program at Carleton, or equivalent professional training at another university. The BAS program is also an excellent degree for a range of careers or for further studies in design, urbanism, or conservation and sustainability.

The program lays a broad foundation on which architectural studies are built. You will take courses in architecture, design, drawing and multimedia applications, as well as specified general studies in engineering, art history and social sciences. You will focus your architectural studies by choosing an area of study in:

  • conservation and sustainability
  • design
  • urbanism

What students are saying about Architectural Studies

In architecture, you learn by making. You are constantly encouraged to push yourself beyond the theory, to construct models and details, and to examine how components and materials come together.
Tom Svilans, Architectural Studies student