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Below is a list of programs from various Ontario colleges which have been assessed for transfer credit. If you do not see your college or program please refer to the general regulations below. All Ontario College programs are assessed for advanced standing upon admission.

Please note:

  • The courses listed for each program are meant to be used as a guide by students who are applying for admission to Carleton. The list represents the type and quantity of courses that are typically awarded when students have successfully completed all years of a diploma program and who are otherwise admissible to their program of choice. All transfer credit is done on a case by case basis and credits awarded may be adjusted depending on the grade achieved in a particular course, the overall admission average presented and/or the relevance of the course to the degree program.
  • Carleton endeavors to award as much transfer credit as possible for college study however not all diploma programs are eligible for credit. Credit may not be possible in cases where the college course content is of low affinity to the university offerings or where there is insufficient scope and/or depth in a particular subject area.
  • The advanced standing credits listed are regularly reviewed and may be changed as we receive new information so please check this page often.

General Regulations for Transfers from Post-Secondary Institutions: Ontario College

Students from Ontario Colleges who have successfully completed a minimum of three terms in a two- or three-year diploma program or a four-year Applied Degree program and who present a minimum 3.0 grade point average (B standing in the Carleton University grading system) will be considered for admission to a degree program with advanced standing.

Students from Ontario Colleges who present a minimum 3.0 after the first year (two terms of study) of a two- or three-year diploma program or a four-year Applied Degree program will be considered for admission to first year.

Other Ontario College applicants presenting an incomplete program normally will not be considered for admission to Carleton University on the basis of that program. Such persons may inquire about possible alternatives if they are desirous of seeking admission to a Carleton University degree program at some future date.

Ontario Colleges