Oh Canada!

A land of opportunity, Canada is a vast, multicultural country with a history of helping others and welcoming the world. Canada consistently ranks high for quality of life (Human Development Index, OECD Better Life Index), safety, a great education system, outstanding natural beauty and rich resources. 

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Multiculturalism is part of Canada’s identity, which is ideal for a newcomer. If you’re from a different country and culture, you will see people who look like you, speak your language, and share your traditions. One of the best parts of multiculturalism is the food! If you’re adventurous, Canadian cities offer a variety of global cuisine, and if you’re craving some home cooking, you will most likely find something to satisfy you!


Safe: Canada is a very safe country, ranked 8th out of 162 on the safest countries ranking (also high on OECD safety rankings). It’s also considered to be one of the best countries in which to be a woman, according to the new Women, Peace and Security Index ranking.


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The nature in Canada is stunning. Canada offers plenty of opportunities to experience nature at its best. Did you know that Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined? Canada is home to the Great Lakes, mountain ranges, a rainforest, a desert, and there are 42 National Parks, and more than 1,000 provincial and territorial parks. If you come to Carleton, Ottawa is close to Algonquin Park and Gatineau Park.


Canada has an excellent education system. Canada is a top-performing country in reading, literacy, maths, and sciences. In fact, Canada is often the OECD’s “World’s Most Educated Country:” over half its residents have college or university degrees.

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