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French Baccalaureate students may be awarded advanced standing (transfer) credit for subjects with a grade of 12 or better (based on their specialization) subject to the discretion of the appropriate faculty to a maximum of 3.0 credits. The table below provides information on which courses have been evaluated as equivalent to Carleton courses.

French Baccalaureate Courses Carleton Course Equivalent Course Value
Série Littéraire (L) (literary) French Literature FREN 1XXX (0.5 credit)
FREN 2XXX (0.5 credit)
Philosophy PHIL 1XXX (1.0 credit)
English ENGL 1XXX (1 credit)
Série Économique et Social (ES) History and Geography IASS 1XXX (1.0 credit)

Social Sciences

MATH 100X (0.5 credit)
STAT 05XX (0.5 credit)ECON 1XXX (1.0)
Série Scientifique (S) Mathematiques MATH 1007 (0.5 credit)
STAT 2507 (0.5 credit)
Science de la Vie et de la Terre ISCI 1XXX (1.0 credit)
Physique-Chimie PHYS 1003 (0.5 credit)
CHEM 1005 (0.5 credit)



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