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International Admissions Requirements

High school graduation is the normal minimum level of study to be considered for admission to the first year of an undergraduate program at Carleton University. Academic performance in previous studies is the main determining factor for admission to undergraduate degree programs. See below for more details on qualifications and specific requirements.

The following qualifications can be presented for consideration for admission:


For most of our programs, you will also need specific required courses (prerequisites) to be considered for admission. Please review the specific admission requirements according degree program:
Admission Requirements by Degree: Prerequisite Subjects – International Students.

English Language Requirement

You will also need to demonstrate that your knowledge and use of English are strong enough for studies in an English Language university. If your first language is not English, you can prove your language proficiency in a number ways.

Proficiency in English for admissions: English Language Requirement

Note: All programs have limited enrolment. Having the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee that you will be admitted. All requirements are subject to change.

Admission Requirements by Educational System

General Guidelines

e.g. Europe, the Middle East, Asia*, Central America, South America*

You will need a secondary school or high school graduation certificate. Education should normally consist of a minimum of 12 years of study. You will need to present transcripts from your senior high school along with your graduation diploma or certificate, and any graduation exam results.

Early/conditional offers may be available with interim marks.

*For some countries, applicants may be required to have completed one year of university study.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

In general, prerequisite subjects should be completed in the highest/final year of secondary school study.

American-based Systems

e.g. United States, American high schools overseas

The Grade 12 program must include at least four academic units and a minimum of 16 academic units completed in Grades 9 to 12. A minimum average in your final years of B- or better is required for admission. For Honours or some limited enrolment programs, a higher average may be required. You are encouraged to submit SAT or ACT scores, school grading information including pass marks, and rank in class to support your application.

Early/conditional offers may be available with a combination of Grade 11 and mid-year Grade 12 results.

Advanced standing (transfer) credit may be awarded for Advanced Placement “AP” exams with a minimum grade of 4, subject to the discretion of the appropriate faculty, to a maximum of 3.0 credits.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

In general, prerequisite subjects should be completed in your grade 12 year.

  •  Math: Senior-level Math
    Note: if Calculus is required, you should present ‘Pre-Calculus’ or ‘AP Calculus’ in grade 12 or grade 11.
  • Chemistry: Senior-level Chemistry
  • Physics: Senior-level Physics
  • English: Senior-level English 

British-based Systems

e.g. United Kingdom, West Indies, East and West Africa, Hong Kong

The General Certificate of Education or equivalent is required, with satisfactory standing in five subjects at the GCSE, IGCSE, CXC or Ordinary “O” Level. Two suitable subjects at the Advanced “A” Level or CAPE, or 4 “AS” Levels are also required.

Early/conditional offers may be available with predicted results.

If applying to a program with 1 or 2 prerequisite subjects, they must be presented at AS or A level.

If your program has 3 prerequisites, 1 subject may be at IGCSE level.

Please note that Carleton will always consider the highest level taken in any subject. That is, if Mathematics was taken at AS and A Level, it will always be the A Level result that is used for assessment.

Advanced standing (transfer) credit may be awarded for A Levels completed with a grade of C or better.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

  •  Math: AS or A Level Math, CAPE Math
  • Chemistry: AS or A Level Chemistry, CAPE Chemistry
  • Physics: AS or A Level Physics, CAPE Physics
  • English: AS or A Level English, CAPE English 

International Baccalaureate

You will need the full IB diploma (three subsidiary [SL] and three higher level [HL] subjects), with a minimum of 28 points (please note that some programs are more competitive, so will require higher scores).

You may have one subject with a grade of 3, provided it is offset by a grade of 5 or better. Prerequisite subjects must have a grade of 4 or better.

Early/conditional offers may be available with predicted results.

IB students may be awarded advanced standing (transfer) credit for HL subjects with a grade of 5 or better subject to the discretion of the appropriate faculty, to a maximum of 3.0 credits.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

  • Math: SL or HL Analytics or HL Applications
  • Chemistry: SL or HL Chemistry
  • Physics: SL or HL Physics
  • English: SL or HL English 

Indian High School

You will need to complete one of the following Higher School Certificates: All India School Certificate (CBSE), Indian School Certificate (CISCE) or one of the state board certificates. Students must submit their mark sheets/exam scores from examinations taken in the X and XII level. Early/conditional offers may be available with X final and mid-year, mock exam results or Pre-Board scores from XII. Please note we do not accept predicted results.

Your admission average will be calculated on 5-6 academic subjects completed in the XII level. The minimum entrance averages range between 67-85%, depending on the program.

Prerequisite subjects must be taken at the XII level.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

  •  Math: XII Math
  • Chemistry: XII Chemistry
  • Physics: XII Physics
  • English: XII English

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