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Programs / Science / Food Science and Nutrition

Program Details

Knowledge of food and nutritional science is required in order to make decisions on such issues as food irradiation, the genetic modification of foods, food contamination by micro-organisms and toxic compounds, and food preservation. Carleton’s program in Food Science and Nutrition is unique in that it combines a solid science base with the study of the assessment, management and communication of risk in food safety. No other food or nutritional science program in Canada offers such depth of study in food science as well as food economics, risk assessment, policy and regulation.

The modern job market for food professionals demands people that have technical skills as well as an understanding of regulatory and policy issues. People with both sets of skills are in demand by all levels of government and by the private sector.

The Food Science and Nutrition program is offered as a Bachelor of Science (Honours) program. Students in other programs can opt to take a minor in Food Science and Nutrition.

What students are saying about Food Science and Nutrition

The food science and nutrition program at Carleton has truly opened my mind about what goes into the foods we eat. It is amazing how the basic principles of science can be applied in ingenious ways to enhance the shelf life, nutritional value and even the taste of the foods we love. The courses provide significant insight into the food industry and are very interesting. The professors are passionate about the science of food and encourage us to think independently. Food science is always growing and evolving with technology and I feel that Carleton’s food science program has prepared me to evolve as well.
Kristine Tuckey, Food Science and Nutrition student