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Programs / Mathematics / Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Program Summary

Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Honours)

Students in the Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics program or the Computer Mathematics (General) program will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers involving the design of computers and computer networks as well as the application of computers in solving critical problems in business, government and science. For example, you might find yourself developing new ways to protect information from both improper access and corruption during transmission, helping managers in business and government to allocate resources optimally, or using computer networks to study traffic flow and optimal routing. Offered as an Honours program, students have the choice of three concentrations:

  • Applied Analysis
  • Applied Statistics and Probability
  • Discrete Mathematics

A three-year General program in Computer Mathematics is also available.

What students are saying about Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics

I’m exceedingly proud to say my BMath and MSc degrees came from Carleton’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The department is small, close-knit, comfortable and personal. Students will find faculty members willing to sit down and help them through their assignments or their dissertations, and administrators willing to help with their course selection or career choices. Some truly magical mathematics are being discovered here, with subjects ranging from the applied and physical, to the abstract and theoretical. Today, I’m no longer a Carleton student, but many of the professors and academic staff continue to support and guide me in my career, and I’m often reminded of where my career began and the lasting impact it’s had in my life.
Phil Trinh, Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics student (BMath)

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