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Carleton’s Capital Advantage means close partnerships with the high-tech industry, government organizations, NGOs, and research insitutions.

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Beautiful riverside campus in the heart of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

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Carleton is ranked #5 among Canada’s Comprehensive Universities.

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We welcome hundreds of international students from China every year!

14% of Carleton’s 32,000 students are international and come from 165 different countries! Many of the students form clubs and societies based on their culture and country of origin. For example, there is a Chinese Student Association in Carleton!

Carleton University Chinese Students’ Association (CUCSA)

CUCSA,全称Carleton University Chinese Students’ Association,是加拿大渥太华地区规模最大的非盈利性

Meet Flora: Communication and Media Studies, 3rd year

Hi! I’m Yiyan, everybody calls me Flora! I come from Ningbo, China. This is my third year in Communication and Media Studies, and I like this program a lot! I chose it because it is one of the best media program in Canada, and I found Carleton University a wonderful place when I came for the first time. I love the campus scenary especially those grassland that I can spend long time lying down on, and the river along, always makes me feel chilled.
I am temporarily the secretary of CUCSA, responsible for arranging meetings and issuing important notices. At the same time, I also participated in planning every events, and I really love working with all the other members. Everyone in CUCSA contributes to all events we hold, and I learned a lot from others. You can make Zongzi with friends at Dragon Boat Festival, challenge yourself in a haunted farm at Halloween, or watch excellent shows at Chinese New Year… There are so much more fun events! If you like Chinese culture, feel free to come and make friends with CUCSA~


Meet Haoxuan: Computer Science, 3rd year

I transferred to Carleton University from a university in British Columbia and have come to love Carleton even more! What I truly like about this place includes: approachable professors, supportive TAs, fair grading policies, access to co-op opportunities, and a hard-working atmosphere. As a Chinese international student, I joined CUCSA in September 2022 and have organized two events. Moreover, I’ve made friends with native English speakers and other international students as well. We usually help each other, building a supportive community. These wonderful experiences have given me a genuine sense of belonging at Carleton, and I feel proud to be a Raven.


Meet Eric: Communication and Media Studies, 1st year

Hi everyone! I am Jing, you can also call me Eric. Now I am a first year student study the Communication and Media in Carleton University. Carleton University stood out as the first Canadian university to offer me a scholarship, which played a significant role in my decision-making process. Moreover, the university’s academic program in my chosen major is exceptional, further cementing my interest in Carleton. Additionally, the city of Ottawa, where Carleton is located, greatly appealed to me. Its small size, relaxed pace of life, and overall comfort made it an ideal setting for my education. Ultimately, considering all these factors, I made the decision to enroll at Carleton University. Upon my arrival at Carleton, I was captivated by the expansive campus and its picturesque surroundings. Particularly during the autumn season, the sight of the maple leaves complementing the Rideau River left a lasting impression on me. Notably, Carleton University shares similarities with Ottawa itself, both being characterized by their tranquil and unpretentious nature. This environment contributed to a lack of intense competitive pressure at Carleton, allowing me to focus on my studies without excessive stress. Furthermore, I found the majority of professors I interacted with to be approachable and understanding, offering flexibility in assignment deadlines to accommodate students’ scheduling conflicts. Within a month of joining Carleton, I became an active member of the Carleton China Student Union (CUCSA) and specifically took on a role in the publicity department. Throughout the 2022-2023 academic year, I actively participated in organizing various events hosted by the Student Union, striving to facilitate the integration of Chinese students into the vibrant campus life at Carleton University. Looking ahead, my intention is to foster collaboration and communication with other official organizations at Carleton, actively promoting diversity within CUCSA, and extending support to an increasing number of students.
哈喽,⼤家好! 我叫王景弘,⼤家也可以叫我Eric.我现在是卡尔顿⼤学传媒专业的⼀名⼤⼀学⽣。卡尔顿⼤学是第⼀所为我提供奖学⾦的加拿⼤⼤学,这在我的决策过程中发挥了重要作⽤。此外,⼤学在我选择的专业中的学术项⽬⾮常出⾊,这进⼀步巩固了我对卡尔顿的兴趣。此外,卡尔顿所在的渥太华市⾮常吸引我。它的⼩⾯积、轻松的⽣活节奏和整体舒适度使它成为我接受教育的理想场所。最终,考虑到所有这些因素,我决定进⼊卡尔顿⼤学。抵达卡尔顿后,我被⼴阔的校园和⻛景如画的环境迷住了。尤其是在秋季,枫叶与⾥多河交相辉映的景象给我留下了持久的

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