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The Partnership Program provides an enriched educational experience for both high school students and staff, and facilitates academic exchanges and cooperation between the secondary schools and Carleton. This program is also mutually beneficial as participants share expertise and resources, enhance teaching and learning opportunities, and help prepare students for the transition to University and the world of work.

Explore our Partnership website to discover unique activities, programs and opportunities available at Carleton University.

News and Events

Partnership Meeting

A meeting is held each academic year with all of the Carleton University Partnership Coordinators and high school contacts. These meetings provide the partners with an opportunity to discuss their individual high school’s partnership activities as well as suggesting new joint initiatives for all partnerships to benefit.

  • Next meeting: TBA

Staff and Student Benefits

As one of our 23 Partner High Schools you will find that there are many unique benefits available to both staff and students. Arrange for a Carleton faculty member to visit your school! Bring your class for a library tour! Plus much more. We invite you to check out the benefits!