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Deferring Offer of Admission

If you are unable to attend Carleton University for the term specified on your Offer of Admission and you wish to postpone your studies you may ask for a deferred admission. A “Request to Defer Admission” form and a non-refundable fee of $47.25 Cdn must be received by Admissions Services within four weeks after the beginning of the term for which you have been admitted. Download form below.

Applicants whose deferrals have been approved will receive a new Offer of Admission for the appropriate term. The new offer will reflect any changes in their program requirements that may have occurred in the intervening time because of changes in programs and/or regulations. Final grades must be on file before a deferral can be confirmed.

Carleton University will not consider deferred admission for anyone admitted to a program that requires additional materials such as portfolios or auditions in the decision-making process.

It is not possible to defer your admission to Carleton University if you are attending another post-secondary institution. Applicants who have been granted a deferred admission and who register at another post-secondary institution will have their admission withdrawn and will have to submit a new application for admission.

If your original offer of admission included a scholarship, please note that scholarship eligibility for your deferred offer will be based on your final academic average according to the regulations in effect for the year of your new offer of admission

Please contact the Office of Admissions Services at (613) 520-3609 for any additional information.

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