When Jonathan left Philadelphia and first stepped foot in Ottawa, it was time to begin studying Commerce with Carleton’s Sprott School of Business.

“After applying to Carleton and getting into the Entrepreneurship stream within the Bachelor of Commerce, I moved to Ottawa that fall after never setting foot in the city,”┬áJonathan says. “Moving to a new country was challenging in the beginning, but I got the hang of things and began to establish myself within Carleton, the city of Ottawa and Canada.”

Jonathan Naiberg, a Commerce student from Philadelphia

Jonathan decided to study with Carleton’s Sprott School of Business.

While studying at Carleton, Jonathan was able to get involved with both the Carleton community and the city of Ottawa. Jonathan volunteered in Carleton’s Fall Orientation program, occupied a leadership position in the Sprott Business Students’ Society, and worked in part-time jobs while studying at Carleton.

Despite not knowing much about Ottawa before moving, Jonathan grew to love the city. “Ottawa,” Jonathan says, “has begun to grow and feature new and exciting restaurants, activities, and people that have brought a new life and vibrancy.”

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