For a quartet of Psychology and Neuroscience researchers at Carleton University, the COVID-19 pandemic is a critical reminder there are things we can do to navigate through challenges and uncertainty and find the capacity to face whatever comes next.

Psychology professors Marina Milyavskaya, Tim Pychyl and John Zelenski and Neuroscience Prof. Kim Hellemans are known for their work on goal setting, procrastination, happiness and mental health, respectively.

Prof. Kim Hellemans and Prof. Jim Davies

Prof. Kim Hellemans with Prof. Jim Davies, who together host a podcast called Minding The Brain.

While they all acknowledge that individual circumstances can differ dramatically and that there is no “correct” way to respond to a crisis, a set of practices and strategies can help us cope, manage stress and find firm footing on the path forward.

Story by Dan Rubinstein

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