New Psychology Stream in Mental Health and Well-Being

We are having more and more conversations about mental health, but when it comes to supporting those who are struggling in the workplace, we still have a long way to go.

Many employers know it’s a problem and want to address it — and not only because it is the right thing to do. Mental health challenges are a major cause of employee absenteeism, and the World Health Organization estimates that depression and anxiety cost the global economy more than US $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.

But even as companies and governments have recognized the need to foster better workplace mental health and well-being, they may not have the expertise to implement high integrity mental health and well-being initiatives.

With a new program stream, Carleton is seeking to bridge this gap. Offered through the Department of Psychology, the stream will launch this fall, with up to 30 fourth-year students who have already registered. It will include content in positive psychology, clinical psychology and mental health, as well as critical experiential learning outside the classroom.

Story by Tyrone Burke

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