In mid-March, when Carleton University cancelled face-to-face classes and moved to alternative modes of instruction for the rest of the term, third-year Journalism student Sarah MacFarlane left the city to be with her family near Winchester, south of Ottawa.

One of the classes she’s completing is focused on digital journalism, with students pitching stories that frequently end up getting published on Capital Current, the program’s flagship online publication. Prof. Allan Thompson, who works with students as their editor, suggested they look for issues related to COVID-19.

Back home, MacFarlane noted the impact of the pandemic’s social distancing restrictions on churches and faith-based communities that are a huge part of the social fabric of her rural part of the province.

Student Sarah MacFarlane standing in front of trees with camera.

Sarah MacFarlane, Journalism student

MacFarlane and her classmates are not only sharpening their journalism skills by reporting these stories, they’re also disseminating important information that mainstream media outlets may not be able to cover with so much happening. And they’re keeping themselves engaged in the world during a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Story by Dan Rubinstein

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